Message from the President.........

I am pleased to inform you that our association has seen 30 successful years. It would not have been possible without the support of the office bearers, past and present members, well-wishers, sponsors and others who have helped us achieve this. I am proud to say year after year our committee members have always been fully committed to the progress of our “Alma Mater”

Around the world there are a number of Tamil Alumni Associations who work tirelessly to support in whatever way they can to their former schools. It is imperative that this good work continues as these efforts will see that the children from the North and East of Sri Lanka can strive towards a brighter future. In addition these associations play a vital role in educating Tamil Children residing in other countries of our rich culture, traditions and values which they acquired whilst educated in Sri Lanka. VOGA (U.K) is one such organisation and we have shown in various ways our long standing commitment to the improvement and successful running of our school.

Our school provided us with the best education and good moral foundation which we cherish. It is our duty to show our gratitude and acknowledge the school. Though the committee strives to help our school children in many ways, only with all of your support will be able to achieve our aims. Considering the needs, I hope all Vembadi old girls will join our association and strengthen our hands to provide the best service to our School.

Finally, together with our committee members we thank our old girls who have been supporting continuously by attending our Annual fundraising event. We sincerely hope more of our old girls will attend the function in years to come to make them more successful.

Shanthi Yoharajan