Upcoming Projects
Projects Identified to Support Vembadi Girls' High School during 175th Anniversary- 2013
Ser No Project Title Traget Beneficiaries Proposed Budget Remark
1 Purchasing the land on the Westerm and Easterm Boundaries of the Shool The whole school   The land on the west is partially used by the Police Force at present and the rest remains neglected.On the east, there is a land being used for private classes & a house used by St.John Ambulance.Talks should be negotiated with the land owners by the devoted Old Girls in abroad.For futher details contact the school.
Projects Identified to Support Student of Vembadi (Can be supported by individual old girls through the respective OGAA)
Ser No Projrct Title Traget Beneficiaries Proposed Budget Remark
1 To Support the Charges of transport for children and supportive instruments to participate in competitions(P.T. , Tamil , English ect) - provincial/national Participants and school Rs. 400,000/= per year There's no way to get money from the government to support this. Parents are mostly poor.
2 To give refreshment for PT teams during their practice hours for two months 30 Participants and 5 trainers Rs. 100 per head 100*35*60=210,000/=per year Most of the participants are poverty stricken.
3 To appoint a Lab Assistant & to purchase chemicals for Chemistry Lab About 400 Students in the A/L classes Rs. 15,000/=per month for Lab Asst. & Rs. 100,000/=15000*12+100000=280,000/=per year  
4 To appoint a Lab Assistant for Biology Lab About 400 Students in the A/L classes Rs.15,000/=per month for Lab Asst. & Rs.100,000/=15,000*12+100000=280,000/=per year  
5 To give shoes for the needy children 100 poor children 750*100=75,000/=  
6 To appointary labourer Whole school 20,000*12=250,000/= The necessity is acutely felt nowadays