VOGA UK History

The Association was formed in 1984 and celebrated its 25th Anniversary in September 2009.It was Miss M Thambiah who was the chief guest at the inaugural function of the Vembadi Old Girls Association of UK. For its 25th Anniversary celebration the chief guest was the current principal Mrs Kamaleswari Ponnampalam .Past and present presidents (please refer to the Past President link) of the association along with the committee members have worked together to help our Alma Mater.

For the past 25 years the Alumni association of Vembadi in the UK achieved a great success in bringing the past pupils together. This association has laid a solid platform among the old girls whether it be socialising or raising much needed funds for the Alma Mater. Our foremost aims are to help our Alma Mater with their needy projects. With this in mind we take pride in organising events to raise much needed funds.

In the last decade many projects of all sizes have been identified and supported by VOGA UK, a few of which are detailed below: • Providing financial support to the most vulnerable students • Contributing funds towards establishing well needed and fully equipped computer rooms • Supplying shoes and socks to those in need • Supplying text books to under-privileged students • Providing refreshment to children during PE training sessions Furthermore, our association has extended its helping hands to support the victims of Tsunami from the North and East of Sri Lanka with substantial amounts donated via Tamil Aid. Most importantly in the last financial year VOGA UK has provided much needed funding towards supporting the hundreds of displaced people of Vanni in Sri Lanka. In addition to the yearly projects the committee has been depositing a dedicated sum into the VOGA savings account. The aim of this is to use the accumulated interest over the years to support needy projects in the future years.